Greenwich Pediatric
Dental Group, LLC

4 Dearfield Drive
Greenwich, CT 06831
Tel: 203-422-5437

About Us

Thank you for selecting our office to meet your child's dental needs. Our office is specifically designed for treating children from infancy through adolescence, as well as the medically and physically compromised.

The philosophy of our office is focused on the prevention of dental disease through education and early treatment. Our commitment is to provide your child with the best possible dental health care in a caring, warm, and fun environment.

Our goals are to have our families look forward to coming back to see us and to build a relationship with our patients so that they may overcome any apprehension and enjoy subsequent dental visits.

Our office offers school visits so that we may discuss dental health and nutrition. Field trips to our office are also welcomed. Please contact our office manager Deme for further information at 203-422-5437.